Dolan's Mysterious Brother is a character on Super Planet Dolan and Danger Dolans older brother. Dolan's Brother is older, better looking, more intelligent, better endowed (All he'll say is it's 12cm wide], the favorite of their parents, in better shape and personally loved by the Queen Mum herself for all of his contributions to the great and magestic empire of Britain. As most are aware Dolan's Mysterious Brother casts a very large shadow over his inept younger brother Danger Dolan that Dolan will never be able to escape from under. He is best known for refusing to play the 13th Doctor in the upcoming Christmas Special of Doctor Who, saying that the show has become a bad joke of itself.


Danger Dolan

There is no rivalry between them. To suggest such a thing is to say that a worm contributes more than just being the bait on a hook. Pities his brother for his lack of intellect.

Doopie DoOver

No comment. All he'll say is he hates all attention whores and that he's the biggest.


  • The envy of his younger brother Dolan because at age 6 he wrote his first opera and age 8 developed a new Physics theorem that proves that it is possible to exceed the speed of light and even designed devices with which to do it. Said devices won't be ready until suitable alloys are produced that can resist the stresses.
  • Has a beautiful singing voice that is said to cause even the rocks to weep.
  • Dolan's Mysterious Brother and 24 other Immortals secretly rule the world.
  • If he were to bleed and if the blood landed in dirt, flowers would instantly bloom.
  • Can Teleport.

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