Zaraganba (previously known as Dolan's Mysterious Brother is a character on Planet Dolan and Super Planet Dolan and Danger Dolans older brother (hence the name). When narrating Dolan's Life Mysteries he provides - in complete contrast to Dolan - factual answers.


Danger Dolan

During a Super Planet Dolan episode What If Every Tree In The World Disappeared? Dolan's Brother and Dolan would often fight and argue. DD's Bro and Dolan himself, don't seem to get along well in the show. This rivalry can go as far as them calling each other names.


  • In the episode What Would Happen If There Were No Air For 5 Seconds? Dolan tells Melissa that he's pretty sure his brother is trying to get rid of every tree in the world, referencing his actions in 'What if Every Tree in the World Disappeared?'. it is unknown if this will be brought up again.
  • In a Planet Dolan Q and A, Dolan mentions how his brother character is going to change as in look. But not completely just a little more details.
  • Dolan's brother has the same introduction line as Dolan, despite the fact that his answers are more accurate than Dolan's.
  • His name Zaraganba was revealed in the episode Getting Blamed For Things You Didn't Do
  • His name is also mentioned by Doopie in the episode Walking In On Somebody Naked

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