"I'm Hellbent. I'm here to learn you uncomfortably true facts that I didn't just make up." -Hellbent, introducing himself for the first time as co-host on Super Planet Dolan

Hellbent is a character on Planet Dolan and Super Planet Dolan.

In his fanbase and on his channel, he does a weekly live stream every Saturday night at 9 PM (CST), and also many random streams. A list of his live stream chat mods can be found here.



Hellbent appears to be a magenta-red demon with black hair in a pompadour with gold colored eyes because like all trendy, hipster emo types he thinks it makes him look edgy because their average viewer is 12 and easily impressed. Other features include pointy ears, horns, thick eyebrows, fangs, and a tail with a triangle at the end. He has been recently talking about amping up the douche level and is thinking of having his character eat an apple.0


Hellbent wears a black, formal jacket, and a dull dark purple shirt underneath. For pants, he wears black pants and dark gray shoes.


  • Hellbent was first featured in the episode of Dolan Life Mysteries, 'What Are Shadow Creatures.'
  • Hellbent is the first character to be featured in his own animated music video, next to Melissa in The Bread God.
  • On October 23, 2016, Hellbent hit 100k subscribers on his youtube channel.

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