MarshmallowBab (also known as Emojie Worl D) is an animator/artist for Planet Dolan. While she has multiple ocs, (such as Nurse Puppo or Winks), her main OC, Mojie, is a Marshmallow Genie with a tuft of white hair that hangs over his head. Mojie is described as being cat-like, and wields a mallet that has a s'more on the end, with the handle being a stick. It is called the "Marsh-mallet".


  • Although Mojie is the son of Hellbent and Pandora, there is an orphan child that looks like Hellbent in the episode, 'Why do dogs walk in circles for naps?' when Dolan tells Melissa that Hellbent might be a nice person.
    • It is also strongly proven as in his own animated music video, "Dropping Things And They're Just GONE" that shown Hellbent also lost his daughter and his dog.
  • In Mojie's Hot Milk meme video, it is shown that he is suffering mentally and he somewhat acts like his genie form wasn't his original body. It is also shown that his pupils can shrink quite a lot and his eyes can be red at times. The blue stones that are on his accessories can also become red and his bracelets turn grey sometimes. In some scenes of the video, the rings around his shoulders and the stone on his bowtie are cracked and his bowtie appears to be torn.

Art made by Emojie Worl D

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