"Hey there. My name is Melissa, and I'll be reading out the questions and answers." - Melissa Morgan



Melissa is a human-sized, purple, anthropomorphic bird. She has two large feathers coming out of the back of her head.


Melissa wears a purple jumpsuit with puffy shoulder pads. She wears shoes similar to Shima's. Along with the iconic purple jumpsuit, Melissa has been seen in other outfits in some of the new Super Planet Dolan videos. Here is a small gallery of the outfits.


  • Melissa was originally a guest character but then quickly became a main character.
  • Melissa has her own music video called "Bread God"
  • Melissa used to be a human, but was revealed by Dolan in the Super Planet Dolan episode "Why don't birds fall out of trees when they sleep?" states that she was infected with a disease known as "Birdificus Melissalie" that changes humans to human-sized, anthropomorphic purple birds. There is apparently no known cure for this disease, although Dolan strangely recovered.
    Screenshot 2016-09-30-17-35-04

    Melissa in her original form-Animated by GhostToast

  • Melissa is the only character to appear in multiple outfits.

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