"Yeah yeah what's up YouTube fans? PringleTheOne in the buildin'. How are we doing today? (whispers) Today guys I got some crazy new content for YOUR FACE! So here we go." -PringleTheOne

PringleTheOne is an American YouTuber best known for voicing Super Planet Dolan (2016–present) and Planet Dolan (2015–present).

Pringle is usually the Dirty Minded character. And he barely has any clean thoughts as said in Super Planet Dolan. He also claimed on Super Planet Dolan he doesn't know what clean thoughts are. Pringle also isn't intelligent on Super Planet Dolan either.



Pringle is a yellow-gold humanoid character with golden pupils in the center of black eyes. His fingers aren't attached to his hands.


Pringle wears a green, red and yellow hat with a two-bladed propeller on top.


  • Pringles is a feature in the episode of Dolan Life Mysteries, 'Can Soap Get Dirty?'.
  • Pringles character is an Alien/Robot as said by himself on Youtube.
  • Pringles propeller hat can lift someone into the air(link needed)

Pringle can change physical composition, takes effort(link needed)

Cultural References

  • Pringles fingers floating above where they should be attached, might be a reference to Peridot's arm limb enhancers from the popular Cartoon Network Show, Steven Universe.

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