Sacred Snewpee or just Snewpee is a Character of the danger dolan crew


Snewpee is a white brown haired pink eyed mermaid she looks alot like her sister Golden Gooby but with some diffrences Snewpee Is browned haired and pink eyed Her tail is green and se Wears a necklese of some kind She wears long green sleeve gloves Her tail fin is a bit Scared Along with Her eye why She is called Sacred Snewpee Like Gooby she has dog ears and a green fin


Gooby (Girlfriend)

Dolan (Brother in law)

zaraganba (Brother in law)


What If The World Were Square? | Dolan Life Mysteries


.Snewpee had a school were Sneezing was banned but then moved school

.Gooby thought Snewpee was a watermelon

.Snewpee Believed that rhode island was fake

.a man in a superhero costume rubbed a orange on Snewpee

.Snewpee is allergic to peppers,mayonaise and Diet Soda

.In romance cringe stories Its reveled that Snewpee is Gay and has a Crush on Doopie

.in Snewpee Childhood She had neigbours thta played really loud music every night when her Father went to stop it they lied about being sorry and T-P their house and smashed their cars windows

.When they were 4-5 years old they were playing when Snewpee cracked her skull

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